All the products in this store are designed by Studio Boot.

unique, old & new stuff

“We’re not virtuous, we have no fixed style, and we try not to repeat ourselves. Moreover our work isn’t dominated by one or other dogma, or influenced by software with a clearly recognizable form solution. The work isn’t interchangeable, and we’re not consciously trying to achieve ugliness, but we are looking for new and interesting form solutions that contribute to and reinforce the story.” This is how Edwin Vollebergh characterizes the attitude to work at Studio Boot that he has developed together with Petra Janssen. Boot is the house, the family and the workplace; the ambiance and aspirations that are applied to the creation of beautiful things. These ideas, that Vollebergh and Janssen share in all kinds of ways produce a strong awareness of creative independence for a designer.

Boot shows a contrariness that is a representative of Dutch Design: an attitude of daring and assertiveness. And this vision, in the hands of Studio Boot, makes extraordinary things possible. The studio is founded in 1991 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the centre of The Netherlands.

In this store we sell our products. Some of them are unique, some old and lots of them new. Each object has a fixed number. In the Netherlands, we say ‘OP IS OP’, that means when the last one is sold, it’s over, end of the product. So better be quick and order some of the ridiculously cheap stuff. With each package you’ll receive a beautiful surprise card! As long as the stock allows.

All posters will be shipped in a sturdy  cardboard tube, there will go up to 5 posters in one tube.

Within the Netherlands it will take about 2 working days.
Wij van studio Boot pakken onze spullen altijd netjes en stevig in zodat alles netjes bij u thuis aan komt. Maar soms komt een pakket toch beschadigd aan, helaas. Stuurt u ons dan het pakket retour en wij sturen u een nieuw exemplaar. Zolang de voorraad strekt!

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